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Why choose a private midwife?

For a positive birth experience! 

Stirling Midwifery facilitates women centred evidence informed care  with a known Midwife

One Woman, One Midwife

A private midwife offers continuous care through pregnancy, the best level of knowledge and independent advice based on your individual needs. This is proven to have the best health outcomes for mum and babe.

Check-Ups in Your Home

Regular check ups are recommended and these can be done comfortably in your home. Stirling Midwifery will develop an overall picture of your progress. Diagnostic testing, referrals and general support are all part of the service. Appointments range from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Midwifery Advice

Roxane can give advice to help alleviate common symptoms in early pregnancy; such as morning sickness, fatigue, sleeplessness and other issues. A TENs machine is available to help with back pain and early labour discomfort. Ask Roxane about the impact of medications, interventions and why a natural approach is often best.

The Empowered Way

The world of child birth is a highly specialised field with loads of information to navigate. Stirling Midwifery gives clients the power to make informed decisions during this emotional and personal journey. Read more: "Six Reasons to Choose a Private Midwife"


Stirling Midwifery's Founder - Roxane Wood

Stirling Midwifery is the proud creation of Roxane Wood, an Endorsed midwife who trained at King Edward Memorial Hospital. She has several decades experience working in metro, regional and rural hospitals. For the last ten years Roxane has worked as a senior midwife at the Albany Health Campus.


Above: Roxane at a home visit with a client

Top Reads

New Active Birth
By Janet Balaskas


  Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering
By Sarah Buckley


  Birthing Outside the System: The Canary in the Coal Mine
By Hannah Dahlen et al


Birth with Confidence

Beyond the Birth Plan
By Rhea Dempsey


Spiritual Midwifery

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
By Ina May Gaskin


Birth Crisis
By Sheila Kitzinger


The Birth Wars
By Mary-Rose MacColl


Reading Birth and Death: A History of Obstetric Thinking
By Jo Murphy-Lawless

The Scientification of Love
Birth Reborn
By Michel Odent


Why Induction Matters
Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage
By Rachel Reed

Nuture the Seed

by Renee Jennings and Georgia Gregory

~ We can also recommend books about parenting, nutrition and breastfeeding ~


Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral for our midwifery services. Roxane can refer you to a GP or specialist if required. 

Do you offer Medicare rebates?

Most of our services are eligible for rebates. All appointments are bulk billed. Medicare also offer a generous rebate for Stirling Midwifery's support during child birth. 

Can I claim midwifery fees with Private Health Insurance?

You can claim some fees and best to check with your private health insurer.  Read more: Medicare fees and rebates

Do you offer home birth?

Home birthing for women with no foreseeable complications is a popular choice. Contact Roxane to discuss birth options with Stirling Midwifery. Read more: Australian College of Midwives

Mechanic or organic?

Naturally, we all hope for an uncomplicated pregnancy labour and birth that goes according to your birth preference. However, in some cases intervention may be required, Stirling Midwifery is available to inform and assist you.